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We Say Goodbye To Boomer – Our First RV

by Sonya

Where have we been?

We have been quiet lately – not a lot of RVing going on because we have been busy selling Boomer! A little background. We bought Boomer about a year, expecting to get out on weekends for local trips, and a few longer trips to visit family and vacations. Honestly, I personally thought I would probably like it, but haven’t had the best history with moving vehicles. We have had 2 boats. For me, it was sometimes fun but most of the time it gave me enormous amounts of anxiety. John, on the other hand, loved it. It was also a money pit. There is truth in the saying:

The two happiest days in a boat owner’s life are the day he buys a boat, and the day he sells a boat.

 I figured I’d probably be ok in an RV. Unlike a boat, at least it is on the ground. There are likely more people to be around if something happens (we broke down 3 times in our first boat and needed to radio for a tow as we were in the middle of the Potomac River). I have a fear of being stranded with no help available. It is irrational, I know. Of course I realize we are likely to break down at some point in an RV, and that we will be dependent on the tow people to show up. At least we have our house with us! Our boat had a small kitchen and bath, but we never stocked it. We only ever went out for day trips.

Ok, back to Boomer. So my expectations were pretty flat for whether or not I’d enjoy RVing. At worst, we’d have him for weekend trips occasionally. At best, we’d be traveling all the time. Well, I surprised myself and actually liked it! A lot! If you ask John, he’ll tell you how hard it was to get me out on the boat. Now I’m the one booking weekend trips and organizing our travel plans. RVing is definitely for us!

So why sell Boomer?

John is fortunate that he works for a great company (think online retailer) as a security engineer and developer, who lets him work remotely. We suddenly realized that so long as we have reliable internet access, that he could work from anywhere! Boomer was ok in size for weekend trips and short vacations, but the bedroom is small (no walk around) and the main living space was good for us and the dogs on weekends, but not comfortable to sit and work all day.

So Boomer had to go… We needed something a little bigger!

Who bought Boomer?

Well, we are not entirely sure who will end up driving him. But a nice dealership in Mocksville, NC bought him. Check out the listing – he sure looks good!

What’s next?

We have a new RV! We found a great deal on a larger, higher level on the quality food chain RV. All will be revealed shortly in our next blog / vlog. Stay tuned. I’ll go in to more details on how we found her in that post. We really loved Boomer, and are so grateful for the year we had with him as he taught us how much we could love traveling in an RV. His next owner is lucky. He is a charmer!

For now, check out the video of our trip down in Boomer to Mocksville, NC.

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