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Why Do People Live in RV’s Full Time?

by Sonya
Why Do People RV Full Time?

What inspires them? What influences them?  

RV living is on the rise. More and more people of ALL ages are deciding to live a nomadic lifestyle. Some choose boats and yachts to explore the seven seas. Others choose RV’s to full time in – vans, travel trailers, fifth wheels, and motorhomes (like us!) 

Our “Why Do We RV” story begins with being inspired by others journeys (like Bold and Adventurous – who I’ve had the pleasure of knowing for a few years). We are still always interested in the ‘why” of others – “Why did they decide to live in an RV”? So when the good folks over at The Wandering RV put together a list titled  20 Full-Time RVers Share Their Stories of Why They Decided to Live in an RV, we had to check it out!

We made the list!

Thank you to Wandering RV for including us on their list!  It is a prestigious list that includes many who have paved the way before us, and helped influence our decision to RV. Just to highlight a few:

  1. Michelle from Making Sense of Cents – who has been an inspiration to me and many others as she has grown a millionaire dollar business while RV’ing on the road. She is super smart!
  2. Chris and Cherie from Technomadia – who are the go-to on Mobile Internet connectivity for RVers (and boaters!) They’ve literally guided a lot of us with their knowledge and research to allow us to work from the road.
  3. Marissa and Nathan from Less Junk More Journey – have one of the most followed RV vlog on YouTube. They are just down to earth, relatable family who share the ups and downs of RVing with a touch of humor. We watch their videos religiously!
  4. Alyssa and Heath from HeathandAlyssa.com and the RV Entrepeneur Podcast. These guys are great leaders in the younger RVing community, rallying fellow RVers for summits, events, and general RV knowledge.

There are many others who have helped influence us over the past year or so. We will go in to more detail in an upcoming post on those folk as well as more depth in to our own story. In the meantime, check out the post from The Wandering RV – and perhaps find your inspiration to live your itinerant life.

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Bill Widmer May 30, 2017 - 1:41 pm

It was AWESOME to have you on the list, Sonya! Your story was so inspiring and I’m honored to have you guys in our post. Thanks for sharing it with the Itinerant Life followers! I hope these stories help inspire more people to jump in and travel full time. 🙂


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