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Other RV’ers We Follow

by Sonya

There is a growing list of RV vloggers and bloggers and we have our favorites (and our list keeps growing). The first two have been our biggest inspirations:

  • Gone With The Wynns: (about to hit the high sea’s, but still a load of great information!) Very polished videos, lists, tools and resources on their website. We cut our RV teeth watching their videos.
  • Chris and G: Chris travels with his girlfriend ‘G’ in a Class A. Lots of great road trip video, how-to’s and insights in to life on the road. We love watching these two.
  • Technomadia: these guys have a HUGE following, and have great info on RVing and technology. Very knowledgeable. The only reason we haven’t watched a lot of their videos is because John is our in-house techie who has is own views on tech setup.
  • Nomadic Fanatic: urban camper, boondocker. Eric travels a little differently to us, but still has engaging and entertaining videos.
  • RVLove: maybe it is the Aussie connection and the similar setup to us, but we love these guys. They don’t post that frequently but we enjoy their videos and posts.
  • His and Hers Alaska: we have been loyal followers of these guys since they hit the road from Alaska on their 6 month road trip!
  • Mortons on the Move: these guys are pretty cool. They’re 5th wheelers who have a lot of fun on the road with lots of tips and sharing of their travels.
  • We’re the Russo’s: we just started watching this couple (their vlog is pretty new), but they’re fun and informative.
  • Bold and Adventurous: besides being personal friends (I knew them before they hit the road), this family of 4 is full of fun, tips and ideas as they travel in their Airstream.
  • TheFreedomTheory: cute couple, Josh and Kali, relatively new on the road in their renovated RV. Very regular, engaging posts.