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Time to wake up Boomer!

by Sonya
Toad on the left, Boomer on the right

We took the first step in getting Boomer ready for the season. Removing the cover! If you read our last post, you’ll know by now that one of our Furkids, Sidney, is out of commission for another 4 weeks recovering from ACL surgery. We don’t want to leave him behind, so we’re taking the next four weeks to open up Boomer and get him ready for the road!

First task is getting the cover off. We had NO expectation that we’d fit the cover back in the bag. I mean, who remembers trying to fit a sleeping bag back in it’s cover and finding it to be highly frustrating? Well, remember that, and multiply the size by a couple of dozen square feet! John hopped on the roof (fortunately it wasn’t very windy as his balance isn’t so good!) – it only took a few minutes to have the cover laid out on the ground ready to stuff back in the bag.

Fold after fold after fold and a bit of rolling, and we managed to stuff that baby back in the sack! Woohoo – that was unexpected!

Toad on the left, Boomer on the right
Toad on the left, Boomer on the right
John testing his balancing skills
John testing his balancing skills
It fits! RV Cover in the bag
It fits! Cover in the bag

We weren’t really sure of what to expect when we opened Boomer’s door… would we find a few critters using our RV as a winter home? Rot or mold from broken pipes? I opened the door first – waiting for a pungent smell to hit me. What did I get? Smell of a relatively new RV! Phew – that is good right? Venturing inside, there was nothing out of the ordinary. Another big “Phew” !

Weirdly the house batteries were almost full, but the engine batteries were dead… No biggie, but we ran Boomer for a good amount of time to make sure they recharged.

Next up is giving Boomer a bath – but that’s for another day. Then restocking, dewinterizing and hitting the road!!

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Mike Glover April 18, 2016 - 12:48 am

Amazing pack-up job on the cover John! Looks like it was a beautiful day to uncover Boomer!

John April 19, 2016 - 2:54 am

Thanks Mike! No one was more surprised than us. Both that we could re-pack the cover, and (so far) our de-winterization hasn’t revealed any surprises. (!) I kind of expected to have new ‘friends’ living inside Boomer. 🙂


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