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A Hitchhikers Guide to De-Winterizing Your RV

by Sonya
Don't panic - hitchhikers guide to de-winterizing your RV

Preparing Your RV For The Season : RV Hitchhikers

Every spring, when we take the covers off our RV’s, remove the tire covers and start to prepare it for the travels ahead, we all probably have a little list of things we need to check. Change the oil, run the generator, service the engine, restock the cabinets and so on… But how thorough are we at checking for little hitchhikers who have decided to snuggle up inside your RV and make little nests for their springtime babies?

Don’t Panic!

The hitchhikers can come in a few different forms – birds, mice, cockroaches or ants… But the most common one in Spring/early Summer are definitely birds. A friend shared with me recently that a few years ago, they found a birds nest in their Class A radiator hatch when they were de-winterizing. And then more recently, they found another birds nest in their fifth wheel hitch!  Fortunately no baby birds were harmed, but if they hadn’t looked for the little hitchhikers, there might have been more devastating outcomes.

So please, make sure you spend a little time looking in all the nooks and crannies for hitchhikers! As we prepare to full time, we know we are likely to have the occasional hitchhiker climb aboard (mice! URGH!) but we’re hoping our bird days are behind us… 🙂

Happy travels (and thank you to Claire for the photos!)

Baby bird nesting in Class A radiator hatch

Baby bird nesting in Class A radiator hatch

Fifth wheel hitch birds nest

Fifth wheel hitch – birds nest was up in the hitch, where it falls on the ball!

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