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Shopping for RV Products

by Sonya
Welcome to our RV Product Shopping Page!

Here is where we post images and links to the products we have bought (along with links to the reviews we have written and/or recorded). We use (or have used) all of the products listed in our store.  Just click on the image below to visit our KIT Store!

Our towing products are still listed below but will also be moved to our KIT store in the future.

Thanks for shopping!

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From Towing, Part I

 Overall, I am pretty happy with it.  However, I was a lot of work getting it to align properly with my particular Jeep.  I’m told that the manufacturing tolerances for this thing exceed those of a 17 year old Jeep.
_THIS_ was the stupid drill bit needed.  If you’re going to do this project, make absolutely sure you have one.

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